11.10.15 Day 3: Aquarius Teacher Under the Sea – Andrea

It never fails, my last day anywhere is the usually the best day EVER! Today was no exception. My first dive was to the Aquarius Lab where I led a VFT with my school – Feynman School (a STEM school for gifted and advanced learners) in N. Bethesda, MD. Of course my students were awesome! They asked great questions and were eager participants in the tour. I can’t wait to get back to share more of my experience with Teacher Under the Sea and our mission, The Ecology of Fear ( how sharks affect a coral ecosystem).

After that dive, I had a long surface interval which afforded me the opportunity to chat with the scientists, FIU crew and just learn about what  do and why they do it. Ultimately, the answer boils down to the same thing: we’re passionate about diving and want to make certain there are oceans left to dive for generations come.

My last dive of the day, we dived to the experiment site and performed maintenance which included exchanging the cameras for fresh ones; checking the algae tiles; photographing the tiles; measuring the height of the algae and recording it; and finally replacing tiles.

Our final step each night has been to download data from the cameras; analyzing the video and recording data from the video. Probably my least favorite part, but still quite interesting to see and learn from it. I’ve had a fantastic experience in this program. Will take a minute or two to reflect on my experience and write another blog. Peace.


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