11.11.15 Day 4- Teacher Under the Sea- Amy

Another absolutely beautiful day—no wind, flat seas, sunny skies make for happy divers.  What doesn’t make for happy MISSION day 4 groupdivers is the lack
of sharks.  A big nurse shark came along today, but we’re not looking for nurse sharks because the reef fish aren’t afraid of them.  Since we’ve seen no sharks, either the transducer’s signal isn’t working on them, or there are no sharks in the area.  Today, we deployed BRUVS (Baited Remote Underwater Video Stations) near our work area to hopefully draw sharks in close enough to respond to our transducer’s signal.  We are actually about to review the videos from those to see if any sharks explored them.  Part of the team is out now picking up fish because we are going to chum tomorrow.  “If you chum, they will come!”

I did a virtual field trip with my friend’s class in Ephrata.  I’ve been communicating with this class through schoology.com for the past
two weeks, so it was rephrata 2
eally cool to SEE them today.  The virtual field trips are REALLY fun to do.  It’s so incredible to get to talk to students from an undersea lab about the mission, the habitat, and the ocean around us.  I really feed off of their wonder, and let’s face it, there’s nothing Ms. Vinglish would rather talk about than diving and the ocean!

I was on team 2 today, so Melissa and I did the late morning dive to Aquarius and then the final dive to assist in removing and replacing cameras and tiles.  This was my 300th dive, and I’m thrilled that I got to do it in The Keys, on this mission, with this team.  During this dive, apparently I swam right past a big nurse shark.  My “stay-at-home-team” alerted me and took screenshots from the webcams.  Speaking of the webcams, it’s really funny how many people are watching us, commenting, and sending screenshots.  It’s pretty cool, dude.


After our 45 minutes to shower and eat, we headed back to base for a fish presentation from REEF.  Ellie did an excellent job introducing us to some fish, informing us on some of their programs, and explaining how we can use REEF’s resources in our classrooms.


Then it was time for “sciencing”.  Tonight’s task was to watch the videos caught by the BRUVS to look fro sharks.  Nothing. About 2 hours into the viewing of the videos, we all started to get really loopy.  One particular Grunt hung around in my video the whole time, so I named him Chaz.  Laura and I made up conversation for Chaz, and it cracked us up.  Poor Martha only had one fish in her video.  It was a Tile fish named Tyler.  That’s when we knew it was time to wrap things up and head back to the house to finish blogging and to do some laundry.


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