11.12.15 Day 5: Aquarius Teacher Under the Sea- Amy

Today was the day we decided to chum to (hopefully) bring in the sharks.  Melissa and I went down to gather and replace cameras while the rest of the science team followedchum to set and turn them on and to replace tiles.  Once we surfaced, they went down to set the chum.  Then, the waiting began.  While Hillary and Martha were in the habitat, they spotted a shark.  We all hopped in the water to snorkel over and watch a nurse shark and a reef shark circle around.  The current was really ripping today, so I had to pay attention on the surface so I’m not sure if the pics I took came out.

Today was also my last dive into the habitat.  I did my final virtual field trip with FIU’S Age of Aquarius club.  I was nervous speaking to adults, especially ones majoring in marine science, because I thought I wouldn’t know the answers to their questions.  It turned out really well though.  Most of their questions centered around conservation efforts and questions about the lab’s usefulness and projected success.  It actually went pretty well.

Though we have been working from 7 AM to around 11 PM with very little free time in between, these days are wonderful.  I’m spending 10 hours a day on and in the water, and I absolutely love it.  If there was ever a doubt about my future move here to work on a boat, it’s gone.  This really is the life for me.

Melissa and I were talking today about how lucky the program is that they got 5 teachers who are willing to work hard, aren’t whiners, and are good divers.  While working underwater, good diving skills are essential.  One must have excellent buoyancy control to be able to do work and to carry bags of things and such.  With today’s wicked current, strong divers were needed.  The work still had to be done, but the current wasn’t making it easy.

We are currently back at base doing the science/technology stuff.  I’m downloading cards onto a computer, so I had time to blog.  Don’t tell Andy that I’m grateful for the extra time because I’m giving him a hard time for giving me a crappy job 😉 Sciencing


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